Your Alternative to Power Washing!!!

Do you have Ugly Black Streaks? Black algae growth on your roof can be cleaned safely. Learn more about our manufacturer approved method.  Do you have Black streaks on your roof? These black streaks are caused by a living algae that is slowly feeding on your shingles. Over time as the algae takes over your roof, it will become more unsightly. But more importantly, they are doing damage. These algae feed on the limestone used in the manufacturing of the asphalt shingle, thus deteriorating your roof. Also, the amount of energy that your roof will absorb will increase as your roof becomes more black with algae. You can see how algae on your roof will shorten the life of your shingles.

So now that you know what is happening, what can be done about it?  We offer a NO PRESSURE solution to this problem. Our system utilizes the only manufacturer approved method of cleaning shingles. We apply a solution at a rate of pressure that does not exceed your garden variety pump sprayer, to the roof. This solution achieves a 100% kill rate which is the best result any method of roof cleaning will accomplish. All this while doing zero damage to your shingles. This system has been used on over 50,000 roofs.

Other methods include low and high pressure cleaning. These methods will likely damage shingles and will push the microorganisms into the shingle deeper ensuring the algae will return much sooner.

We also offer exterior cleaning. Siding, soffits and fascia, gutter brightening and more.

During the process we take great care to protect the plants and grass around your house. Call us or Contact Us today to talk about this great solution to an ever increasing problem.